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Discover The Exclusive, Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Of How To Construct Your Bodybuilding And Figure Contest Diets So That You Are As Lean As Possible In Just A Few Short Weeks!

Let A Champion Bodybuilder And “Trainer To The Stars” Bee Smith Show You How To Lose Bodyfat And Dominate Your Next Event Where You Have To Be Lean, Ripped, And Looking Fantastic!

Dear Friend,

Have you ever struggled with losing those last pounds of body fat before an upcoming bodybuilding contest or photo shoot?  Have you ever found yourself trying to lose weight but found the process to be boring, painful, and ultimately not worth the time or effort?  Have you ever felt that losing weight and looking great is something you will never achieve?

If you said, “Yes” to any of these questions then relax.  You are going to be fine!  

The fact that you attempted to lose weight shows me that you are willing to make the effort.  All you need now is just the right information in order to finally see the body you deserve.

If you have ever spent tons of money on fat burning supplements, personal trainers who simply “counted reps”, or even tried the latest bodybuilding contest diet in the magazines then stop spending that money! 

Imagine having the knowledge so that you will NEVER again waste one penny on useless (or even dangerous) supplements.   You won’t waste one red cent on personal trainers who do not come with a “risk-free” guarantee that you will look great in just a few short weeks. 

And you will laugh at most of the television commercials when they try to sell you fat-loss products that you KNOW are worthless.

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I Have Tried Several  Bodybuilding And Figure Competition Diets, But I Can't Get Rid Of Those Last Stubborn Pounds Of Fat And Water!  How Do I Know You Can Help Me?

If you asked that question, then great!  I am glad to know that you’re skeptical.  The reason I can guarantee that you will lose weight is that, as a champion bodybuilder and competitor in at least 40 shows throughout my career, I have found the formula that guarantees weight loss in everyone I train!

A typical bodybuilder usually adds muscle during the winter months.  Then that person has to get super-lean in time for the bodybuilding or figure show during the spring and summer.  Virtually every bodybuilder HAS to lose fat weight during their “contest seasons.” 

So, it’s not a matter of if they will lose weight; it simply becomes a matter of how much weight they will lose and when!

With my experience in dealing with world-renowned personal trainers, and in my own training experience at the world-famous Gold’s Gym (in Venice Beach, California), I have developed a system that will guarantee that you will not only lose weight fast but also have fun in the process! 

This is because you will do things differently than what you read in the magazines and you will become even more motivated once you start to see the pounds of fat melt away in the mirror!

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Do I Already Have To Be A Champion Bodybuilder For This Information To Work Properly?

Another great question!  If you have always dreamed of a body like a bodybuilder or figure competitor, but thought it was cost-prohibitive to find out how it's REALLY done, then this e-book is for you as well. 

All you have to do is simply learn from those who have mastered fast fat loss down to a science!  Yes, even if you are completely new to the sport.

Have You Ever Trained Anyone Besides Bodybuilders And Figure Competitors Who Are Preparing For A Contest?

I have trained and written nutrition plans for lots of actors, actresses, and VIP’s over the years.  Here is just a partial list:

  • Michael Jai White (actor)
  • Andrea McQueen (actress)
  • Mike Tyson (professional boxer)
  • Avalon Berry (actress)
  • Ron Gilbert (actor/producer)
  • Marilyn Braverman (producer)
  • Kathy King (concert promotions)

None of the actors, actresses, and VIP’s mentioned wanted to compete on a bodybuilding stage.  But they all recognized that learning from a top bodybuilding trainer would be the fastest way they could lose unwanted fat. 

And they all had fun because they KNEW that they would look fantastic in just a matter of weeks if they followed the advice!

Are You Selling Me Any Pills Or Supplements?

I am not selling a single supplement!

With so many people around the country calling and e-mailing me, asking for advice on fast weight loss I decided to focus my time on writing a book to help people.  Weight loss, especially making weight loss fun AND fast, seems to be a challenge for so many people.  And you probably are confused about which methods to take. 

This confusion, and the lack of great results, probably means that you are almost ready to give up.

And since so many books, products, and TV shows showing the SLOW way to do things (if not outright harmful!), I decided to share my knowledge so that I can maximize the benefit of what took me over 20 years.  You will learn the advanced bodybuilding contest diet techniques which most bodybuilders don't even know! 

You also will get the secrets of what to do so that EVERY penny you spend in the future on gym memberships, supplements, and equipment is part of a plan.

All of these methods and secrets are revealed in the new e-book Fun Fast Weight Loss.  If you are not familiar with e-books, it is a computer file you purchase online.  From there you simply download it to your computer and even some cell phones and PDA's! 

You can print it out your leisure and take only the chapters you need with you to the gym.  No more carrying bulky books which fall of the measly “magazine holder” on the treadmill!

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So What Is In Fun Fast Weight Loss?

 Here are just a FEW of the topics Fun Fast Weight Loss will teach you:

    • How to choose the right training equipment for your fast weight loss
    • How to choose realistic goals
    • Secrets on how to use your brain to skyrocket your chances for finally succeeding
    • Different weight training routines depending on your experience level
    • Which specific exercises to do to help you burn fat, get stronger, and lose weight fast
    • Why following these suggestions will help you get rid of fat around your hips, thighs, belly, and the backs of your arms
    • Which supplements bodybuilders take because they really work (note you probably won’t see these advertised on TV!)
    • How to eat well while traveling
    • How to choose substitute foods in case you don’t like a certain recommendation
    • How to eat healthy and STILL have flavor in your foods!
    • A printable Grocery List you can take with you when you go shopping
    • Why you should cycle your carbohydrates
    • How to maximize fast weight loss with carb cycling
    • How to structure your nutrition like a bodybuilder preparing for a contest
    • Why structuring your nutrition like a bodybuilder will make your weight loss even faster
    • How to prepare for a bodybuilding or figure show 
    • How to practice posing like a bodybuilder so your fat loss accelerates
    • Tips on how to stay motivated

 What Do People Say About Bee And Her Training Methods?

"I Feel Happier Today Than I Have Been..."

After two years of learning and diligently working out to further my goals of 
weight loss, I find that I am happier today than I have been. It is with a mixture of happiness and determination that I continually get my butt kicked by you.  

No pain is as great as the pain of Monday morning after a hard Saturday/Sunday work out. We all take many roads during our travel through life, and the more fortunate of us, meet up with professionals who personify a commitment to quality and are motivated to succeed. 

You characterize these qualities and I am indebted for your sharing these gifts with me.  I appreciate your advice and grateful for your patience and mentoring.”

Megan Gunn (aka “Large Marge”)


"Brenda Has Helped Me Tremendously..."

"When I started my project, 'Strong Women - Beneath The Muscle' - a documentary about female bodybuilding, I didn't know much; but I had a tremendous amount of curiosity about the sport and the kind of woman who is attracted to it.  And then I met Brenda Smith who has helped me tremendously.  She is one of a kind in every way.  

What strikes me most about Brenda is that she is so honest and straight-forward, along with being incredibly smart and giving of her time.  She knows this sport because she has lived it for the past 20 years.  I believe that she has helped me with this project because she would like to bring about change for all the girls who devote their lives to becoming a female bodybuilder.  

Brenda is a sweet and engaging woman, and any who sees this film will be touched by her."

- Marilyn Braverman, Braverman Productions


So How Much Is Fun Fast Weight Loss?

Imagine what having no more wasted time, money, or efforts will feel like!  Have you ever added up how much money you have spent on weight loss and diet books, fitness magazines, supplements, and personal trainers who did not help you lose the weight you wanted?  

If you are like the average bodybuilder or figure competitor, chances are you have spent HUNDREDS (if not THOUSANDS) of dollars in the last few years.

You will feel good about purchasing Fun Fast Weight Loss because you will learn what really works for those whose lives depend on being in great shape.  And you will finally be able to stop throwing good money away on products and services which do you no good. 

Some of these products even could be detrimental to your long-term health!

You even currently may be paying a personal trainer several hundreds of dollars a month, for advice which is producing (at best) fat weight loss.  Why not save yourself time, money, and the boredom by learning how to lose fat fast? 

You can do so in a fun manner because you will train in the exact same manner which actors, VIP’s, and figure competitors do!

No, you won’t have to life your life at the gym either!

You can get your hands on Fun Fast Weight Loss for just $27.  Chances are that if you are paying for a personal trainer you are paying at least $40 an hour.  That means that this book is actually LESS than just one hour of your trainer’s time!  

Bodybuilding Contest Diets Image

What About My Local Trainer Who Claims To Produce Champions At Shows In My Area?

Does your trainer have advanced bodybuilding knowledge?  Has your trainer been in the sport and get the behind-the-scenes secrets from experts recognized worldwide?  Or has your trainer been featured on websites like,,, or other similar sites?

And has your trainer trained everybody from celebrities to nationally-competitive bodybuilders to women who just want to look better after getting out of shape in the past few years?

The bodybuilding and figure contest diet secrets you will receive, along the improved confidence you will get, (not to mention the benefits of gaining improved health!), are going to be worth hundreds of times what you paid for this book!

Take Fun Fast Weight Loss To New Levels With Free Bonuses!

If you act now you also will receive several valuable reports to complement what you learn in Fun Fast Weight Loss:

  • BONUS #1 -- How To Get In The Zone.  (Value $19.95)  Have you ever lost control of your emotions?  Have you ever drowned your sorrows with half a gallon of ice cream late at night in front of the TV?  Have you ever tried to start a weight loss program only to get totally depressed when you actually show up to the gym?

    Well now you can stop all of that!  Learn a fun, fast, and free way to stay in control of your emotions anytime, anyplace!  You can even learn how to get “into the zone” – the state of mind all top athletes and actors love to experience – and help accelerate your fast weight loss goals.

    BONUS #2 -- Tips To Getting A Good Night's Sleep.  (Value $19.95)  Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial if you want to lose weight fast.  But many people have difficulty getting to sleep; and many have problems staying asleep. Here are several tips to help you increase the quality and length of your sleep. This may be among the most important lessons to help you get healthier, regardless of your fitness goals.
  • BONUS #3 -- Fast Weight Loss Recipes.  (Value $9.95)  Learn some healthy, flavorful recipes used by bodybuilders and figure competitors who still have a need for tasty food.  No boring “boiled chicken and broccoli” recipes here!

  • BONUS #4 -- Backstage Checklist.  (Value $9.95)  If you (or a friend) ever decide to enter a figure competition then learn how to prepare yourself on contest day!  Many aspiring competitors have lost out on prize money and photo shoot opportunities due to being unprepared backstage.  Let my years of experience help you be the one who is the best prepared to win!
  • BONUS #5 -- Nutrition And Training For The Holidays.  (Value $9.95)  Are you someone who gains a ton of weight during the Holidays?  Learn how to stay social, keep your taste buds satisfied, AND stay healthy during the Holidays.  This can also be used anytime you are going to be participating in celebrations with family and friends.

  • BONUS #6 -- Free Revised Editions.  (Value $37 or more)  You get free revisions and for the lifetime of the book!  When we find new ways to help you achieve fast weight loss and update the e-book, you will get a new version right away.


Does This Book Have A Catch?

You are probably asking yourself, “So what’s the catch?  Why is this information being sold for less than an hour of an average trainer's time?”

Well it’s really quite simple.  Since you will get my methods and the bonus reports directly from the internet, I have no inventory or fulfillment costs.  I don’t need to pay somebody to take orders, ship the books, go to the post office, or handle returns. 

In addition, I don't need to work with you one-on-one in order for you to get the results you want for your next contest or photo shoot.  
Without these overhead costs, I can pass the cost savings directly to you.

The best part is that, unlike most personal trainers, my information comes with a guarantee!


Over 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

If you follow the recommendations and do not make progress within 8 weeks, then you are welcome to return the e-book for a full refund.  No questions asked!

Look at it this way -- $27 is a bargain because you will: 

  • save time and effort by being able to train properly
  • save money you don’t have to spend on useless supplements or trainers who are simply "glorified rep counters" 
  • save heartache wondering to yourself if you will ever be able to lose weight

Can I Get Access To These Bodybuilder And Figure Competitor Secrets Quickly?

It’s easy to get started right away.  Just click the order link below and you can have access, within minutes, to all of the information which has eluded you for so long.  

You will train with the most cutting-edge information, save money, AND lose weight fast.  It couldn’t be easier!

Your Secure, Risk-Free Acceptance Form

 YES!  I am taking you up on your offer today at the special price of only $27

And I will immediately receive the Fun Fast Weight Loss program which also includes the following:

  • Tips To Get A Good Night's Sleep ($19.95 value)
  • Stay In Control Of Your Emotions (And How To Get In The Zone) Technique ($19.95 value)
  • Fast Weight Loss Recipes ($9.95 value)
  • Holiday Nutrition And Diet ($9.95 value)
  • Backstage Checklist ($9.95 value)
  • Free Revised Editions

  And I know that I can try your program completely risk-free with your 8-week, money back guarantee

Order Fun Fast Weight Loss Image

Order Fun Fast Weight Loss Image

Get ready to experience what it is like to be ripped, shredded, and leaner than ever before.  Get ready to get compliments from your friends and members at the gym about how much you have changed!

And save some of that money you used to spend on worthless supplements and trainers because you’re going to love spending your time and money on a new wardrobe.  If you decide to compete one day then take some of that saved money and get a great outfit for your competition!

Take action, order today, and be on your way toward fast weight loss with the information that can help you improve for your next bodybuilding or figure competition, photo shoot, and your next vacation.

I look forward to adding your success story soon!


Brenda “Bee” Smith

  Click here if you have decided not to order today  

P.P.S.  Just think... you will never again have to suffer the frustration of failing at another attempt at a bodybuilder or figure contest diet.  Your preparation is now mapped out for you whether you are competing in a few months, getting ready for a photo shoot, or want to look terrific when you go on vacation.

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